MFLC - Military & Family Life Counseling

MFLC is a program that helps military families and children navigate challenges with free face-to-face support.

Our CYB-MFLCs counselors' name is Staci Simmerman MA.LPC, contact at phone: 307-369-6835

Military & Family Life Counseling

Child and Youth Behavioral Counselors

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The Military and Family Life Counseling Program helps military families and children navigate challenges with free face-to-face support.

Child and youth behavioral military and family life counselors, or CYB-MFLCs, provide confidential non-medical counseling services to children and youth up to age 18 in groups and individually.

They also offer support to families, staff and support personnel. Working with a counselor can help improve behavior, performance in school and relationships.

CYB-MFLCs are master's or doctorate-level licensed counselors who may:

  • Provide consultation support to parents and caregivers, childcare providers, teachers and administrators on the healthy ¬†development of children and youth

  • Model evidence-based intervention approaches

  • Assist educators with strategies for cultivating a deeper understanding of the factors that shape social-emotional development

  • Conduct classroom observations

Services are private and confidential except in situations that involve domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault or otherwise necessitate a duty to warn.

One-On-One Counseling, Couples Counseling, Group Counseling, Child & Youth Counseling, and Briefings & Presentations.

CYB-MFLCs provide support on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Feelings identification

  • Bullying

  • Self-esteem

  • Separation from parents

  • Problem solving

  • Sibling and parent relationships

  • Time management

  • Deployment and reunification

  • Divorce

Learn more by visiting or calling your installation's Military and Family Support Center.

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Resources for Service Providers and Leaders

Military and Family Life Counseling services are available on and off installations. Counselors offer non-medical counseling support to help service members and their families build skills and resilience.

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